Radiation is no longer invisible
iRad Geiger for Apple iOS Devices
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Radiation is no longer invisible!
The revolutionary iRad Geiger transforms your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a sophisticated radiation detector instrument. The battery-free iRad Geiger has a patent-pending interface to the audio jack to harvest energy from your smartphone/tablet. The app allows you to measure, log, alarm, and map your radiation measurements. The iRad Geiger is an efficient instrument to measure x-rays, gamma rays, and high energy betas.
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Download Free iRad Geiger App!
What's New in Version 2.2
- Better timing to account for low exposure rates
- Better mapping interface
- Faster interface to database
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Measure - Share - Collaborate
iRad Geiger is changing the way we see radiation. Instead of single instruments measuring radiation independently, iRad Geiger leverages the networking power of the smartphone to seemlessly upload radiological data to the cloud. Once in the cloud, radiation data can be collected and overlaid onto Google Maps. The auto logging feature allows you to measure ambient radiation at regular configurable intervals, from every 1s to every 24h. The log data includes radiation levels and GPS data - longitude, latitude, and elevation. Other than automatically uploaded to Pachube, this data can be emailed back to anyone with the touch of a button.
The map on this page, from the iRad Geiger App, shows data from several devices in the Safecast database in Japan.
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The iRad Geiger software platform allows you to easily integrate gauges and maps to your website. The information you see in the plot, gauge, and map below show the radiation levels of an iRad Geiger operating in Creative Electron's HQ in San Marcos, CA, just a few miles from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. This iRad Geiger is connected to an iPhone 3GS. The iRad App is set up to automatically update this data every 5 minutes using Pachube. Data can be public (like this example) or private, so only people with the password have access to it. The iRad Geiger App makes it easy to measure, share, and visualize data from one or many devices.
ATTENTION: We use this device for demonstrations - the data shown here DOES NOT represent a true radiation reading from this location
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+ Smartphone radiation detector and dosimeter
+ Patent Pending audio jack interface to your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad
+ Download free iRad Geiger app from the Apple App Store
+ Powered by energy harvested from audio jack - no battery needed
+ Cloud mapping, logging, and alarming
+ Easy sharing of radiation dosage data
+ Pachube ready
+ Popular SBM20 GM Tube
+ Gamma sensitivity Co60 (cps/mR/h): 22
+ Working range (mR/h): 0.014 - 100
+ EGM Tube gas filling: NeBr2Ar
+ Size: 1.14" x 1.09" x 4.94" (29 x 27.7 x 125.5mm3)
+ Weight: 1.12oz (32g)
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Energy response of the iRad Geiger when exposed to Cs-137
Top curve represents the non energy-compensated iRad Geiger, the bottom curve represents the energy-compensated iRad Geiger. For more information on the energy-compensated iRad Geiger please contact us at
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Angular relative count rate of the iRad Geiger when exposed to Cs-137
The center of the graph is an iRad Geiger coupled with a smartphone